Powder, Pellet Packaging Machine

Model Model-655 Model-555
Application Products For Powder & Granule. Such as sugar, salt, tea, coffee, peanut, see, spice, betel nut, vegetable shredded meat and shrimp etc. measuring, filling and packing.
Features Automatic bag making Ħ÷measuring Ħ÷filling Ħ÷sealing Ħ÷cutting Ħ÷finished product conreying.
Packing Materials papers, OPP aluminum foils, Heat sealable laminated film (such as: Nylon + PE, OPP + PE, Alum foil + PE & other similar heat sealable film).
Packing Weight 1-30g/bagĦB30-50g/bagĦB50-100g/bagĦB100-150g/bag.
Packing Speed 60-80bags/minĦB40-60bags/minĦB20-30bags/minĦB10-20bags/min. (Packing conducted per liquidity, capacity, product length.)
Packing Size Length: 50ĦB70ĦB150m/m.
Width: 20-80m/m.
(Other size can be made upon order).
Length: 40-130ĦB70-140ĦB100-210m/m.
Width: 20-80m/m.
(Other size can be made upon order).
Sealing Type 3 sides sealing. 3 sides sealingĦB4 sides sealingĦBpillow-shaped type sealing.
Power Required 110V/220V Electric, Motor of 1/8HP, single phase, 50-60HZ.
Heater of 150W * 2, 300W * 2
110V/220V Electric, Motor of 1/4HP, single phase, 50-60HZ.
Heater of 150W * 2, 300W * 2
(3 sides sealing)
Heater of 150W * 2, 300W * 4
(4 sides sealing)
Machine size L 700 * W 450 * H 1500m/m. L 700 * W 700 * H 1900m/m.
Packing Machine L 1000 * W 810 * H 1200m/m. L 1000 * W 900 * H 2900m/m.
Weight of Machine Net: 100KG.
Gross: 140KG.
Net: 280KG.
Gross: 360KG.

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