Pellets Packaging Machine (W/Manual Filling Pan)
Model no. MODEL-658
Application Products Pellets, Toothbrushes, Badges, Little toys, Key Chains...etc. solid.
Feature Auto bag making ¡÷Manual feeding ¡÷Filling ¡÷Seal ¡÷Cutting ¡÷Finished products convey
Packing material Various aluminum foil, plastic film, filter paper for hearing seal
Packing capacity Depending on the manual input
Packing speed 60 bags/minute (adjustable on the speed)
Size after Completion Depending by customer's design
Seal method Three (3) sides seal¡B4 sides seal¡Bpillow-shaped type seal
Requested power 220V, Single Phase, 1/8HP, 50-60HZ
Machine size 90(L)*110(W)*90(H)cm
Packing size 100(L)*130(W)*100(H)cm
Machine weight Net Weight: 100kgs/ Gross Weight: 140kgs
Character Mostly for irregular articles that could not be auto meter by packaging machine and must by manual meter, feed into the tray and filling from the machine to bag, the final products conveyed after seal.

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